Spinach, Pumpkin & Ricotta Cannelloni

  • POSTED ON 24 Apr 2019

Ready to cook cannelloni - just like homemade.

An absolute classic - fresh pasta sheets rolled around a creamy ricotta, spinach & pumpkin filling. It's all too easy - just top the cannelloni with Napoli sauce & parmesan then pop in the oven. For one stop shopping, we also have the sauce & parmesan in store as well. You can find them in the deli fridge.

Mt Magnificent Gouda

  • POSTED ON 23 Apr 2019

Mt Magnificent Gouda from the Fleurieu Peninsula in SA.

Made by third generation cheese makers - this is an award winning full cream Jersey milk Gouda, tasting very buttery, delicate & creamy with a savoury flavour. Come in for a sample, you can find it in the cheese fridge. We're open 7 days.

Fresh Pasta

  • POSTED ON 13 Apr 2019

All natural - just eggs, flour & water. Large sheets for lasagna & cannelloni, fettuccine for all those delicious pasta sauces. Available in the deli fridge.

Salmon cakes, hollandaise & poached egg

  • POSTED ON 12 Apr 2019

Salmon potato cake with smoked salmon, salmon pearls, watercress, hollandaise, creme fraiche, fried capers & poached egg.

Gnocchi, mushrooms & sage burnt butter

  • POSTED ON 11 Apr 2019

Pan fried gnocchi, sage burnt butter, porcini mushrooms & shaved pecorino pepato.

Vegan Buddha Bowl

  • POSTED ON 29 Mar 2019

All day menu: Vegan buddha bowl.

broad beans, kale, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, pickled peppers & red cabbage, pumpkin hummus, avocado & cashew hollandaise.

Mauri Taleggio

  • POSTED ON 28 Mar 2019

Taleggio – a semi soft, washed rind Italian cheese with a thin orange crust, strong aroma & rich mellow flavour that's creamy, fruity & tangy.

Enjoy as a table cheese with a slice of crusty bread & a glass of fruity red like Pinot Nero or Merlot. It's mild flavour also enhances any dish where you would normally use cheese – mixed into polenta, risotto & pasta or added to a sauce for steak. For a vegetarian option, try melted over vegetables - think charred broccoli or baked potatoes. You can find Taleggio in the cheese fridge.

Chipotle Sausages & Stuffed Polenta

  • POSTED ON 28 Mar 2019

Breaky special: Stracciatella stuffed polenta, mini chipotle sausages, wilted kale, corn salsa & poached egg.

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