Mini Meringue Drops

  • POSTED ON 29 Nov 2013
Unforgettable mini meringues - flavours include french vanilla, chocolate, berry, passionfruit and sprinkles

Bite size and delicious, these dainty little treats have just arrived in store. These adorable hand-crafted meringues come in a gourmet range of flavours - french vanilla, chocolate, passionfruit, berry and sprinkles. Enjoy these crunchy treats on their own, crumbled over ice cream or as a decorative topping for desserts. Available instore at Tognini's Trattoria Spring Hill and Tognini's CafeDeli Milton

Sweet Sauces & Tangy Curds

  • POSTED ON 26 Nov 2013

New on the shelves is a range of sweets sauces and tangy curds. We have a sweet gooey Caramel sauce and a dark Chocolate sauce with a hint of Contreau. These are great as a dipping sauce or drizzled over dessert. For a lighter option, try tangy lemon curd, aromatic passionfruit curd and luscious lime curd - a sensation in a petite pastry case, with crepes or on a pavlova. For those who like a bit of sweet crunch, we also have hand-crafted honeycomb classic style or coated in chocolate. For something different try honeycomb crumbled over vanilla ice cream or any type of dessert or cake.

Gourmet Food Gift Hampers

  • POSTED ON 18 Nov 2013

Personalise your gift this season and make someone's day special by giving them a gourmet gift hamper. Indulge yourself, a family member or one of your corporate clients, we can design a gift hamper to suit any occasion or price. Create your own hamper from a wide range of quality products from fine oils and vinegars, savoury chutneys and jams to chocolates and christmas cakes. Contact us to talk about your christmas gift hamper - we'd love to put together the perfect selection of gourmet delights for you.

Hill & River fruit butters and savoury relishes

  • POSTED ON 15 Nov 2013

New in store is a range of handmade gourmet full fruit butters and savoury chutneys by Hill & River Farmstyle Gourmet Foods from the Hunter Valley.

Hill & River Passionfruit Butter is full of real Passionfruit pulp mixed with eggs and butter to create a taste delight which is great on pancakes or as a sponge cake filling.

Full of tangy citrus flavours, the Lemon & Lime Butter is a classic all year round breakfast treat - great on fresh toast or add a spoonful to custard for a little extra bite.

The Beetroot & Apple Chutney is a great addition to a cold meat sandwich or with a cheese like Grandma Singletons Farmhouse Cheddar. Try is served as an accompaniment with beef satay or use as a savoury filling in a small pastry case topped with sour cream as an hors d’oeuvre. 

Roast duck with plum and ginger glaze

  • POSTED ON 14 Nov 2013

Love duck? On the Christmas Order Form this year, we have locally sourced free range, organic ducks from Bendele Farm at Kilkivan. Our Bendale ducks taste better because they are free to roam as they would in their natural environment. Try our delicious and easy asian inspired duck recipe with plum, ginger and star anise. The rich duck meat matches well with the piquancy of the plums and the warm spicy tones of star anise, coriander and ginger. Serve with braised red cabbage and apple garnished with toasted hazelnuts. Enjoy with a glass of Shiraz or Pinot Nero.

Christmas Cheese Boxes

  • POSTED ON 11 Nov 2013

Perfect for a Christmas cheeseboard, our gourmet cheese boxes are carefully selected to provide variety and balance. This year is a cheese lovers delight with three boxes to choose from - Aussie, English and French. Enjoy a cheese box anywhere, anytime -  as a gift, to take to dinner parties, sophisticated dessert or share with friends.

Aussie Cheese Box $95
Celebrating the best of Australia, the Aussie cheese box has a rich and buttery brie, sharp cheddar and tangy feta rounding out the selection with lavosh biscuits and a fig & walnut log.
  • 1kg Tarago River Gippsland Brie
  • 550g Kirks Cheddar 
  • 350g Meredith Dairy Feta
  • Lavosh Biscuits 
  • 150g Rolada Fig & Walnut Log
English Cheese Box $95
The English box combines three classic cheeses -  a creamy blue, classic mild cheddar and sweet mellow leicester with english oat biscuits and quince paste to finish.
  • 300g Cashel Blue 
  • 500g Mrs Singleton’s Cheddar 
  • 500g Red Leicester 
  • English Oat Biscuits 
  • Quince Paste
French Cheese Box $95
The French cheese box has two blues, a soft mild bresse and triple cream st andre, a buttery gruyere, classic brie  with paté and wholemeal thins as accompaniments.
  • 150g Blue De Bresse 
  • 150g Saint Andre Triple Cream 
  • 300g Comte Gruyere
  • 250g Le Rustique Brie 
  • 180g La Belle Chaurienne Poultry Liver Paté
  • Wholemeal Thins

New menu at Spring Hill!

  • POSTED ON 28 Oct 2013

We've changed over the menus at Spring Hill, (we'll look at the breakfast one next week), but for now, it's all about lunch... read on to see what's on the menu.

We love lunch. Whether it's a sandwich eaten on the run, or (and much more preferable!) sitting down to a more leisurely meal, it's such a welcome injection in the middle of the day.  With the weather warming and delicious new season produce available, we've been working away in the kitchen to bring you a new  menu for lunch. 

The favourites are still there (there would be a revolt if the ploughman's board or meatballs disappeared!) but we've also added some lighter options in, like a smoked chicken salad with fennel, tomato and orange - perfect for when it's just too hot. The classic caprese salad features too. On the pasta front, we're tossing gnocchi lightly (it is Spring afterall!) in salsa verde.

We know you love the rib fillet burger, so that's stayed, but we've expanded the offers on the burger front, introducing a pulled pork, vegetarian and lamb option. All come with chips! 

The pizzas are now numerous in number, and the bases are pre made at Il Locale, so to give them that wood fired, crispy effect.

Want to see what else is on offer? Check out the menu here. We can't wait to hear what you think of the new menu post lunch, so be sure to let us know!

New Italian Cheeses!

  • POSTED ON 21 Oct 2013

It's no secret we love cheese. We make mean cheese towers, love a cheese joke, but at the core of it all, we just love really great cheese. Particularly so, two new Italian varieties that have arrived in store. One's an 'up and comer' on the cheese scene, while the other, seen more as an ancient cheese. Intrigued by the cheese? Read on...

Nero Imperiale

From Modena, it is a new cheese and seen as a very eclectic (albeit delicious!) one on the cheese scene. This peculiarity comes from the way it is made as it is ripened for a prolonged time in underground cellars on planks of pine and Balsamic Vinegar is used in its maturing process. The rind, in turn, is similar in colour to that of the vinegar. It is chalky and white in the centre, and the taste is both sweet and sour, a result from the vinegar's process. This cheese can too be served with salads, used as part of a cheese board, or tossed through pastas to yield a creamy, complex sauce.  


Caciocavallo Silano

From Calabria, Caciocavallo is an ancient cheese that is produced throughout southern Italy and the Balkans. It is made strictly with cow's milk and is a 'pasta filata' cheese, which means the curd is kneaded and stretched while it's still warm. The results in a dense, elastic texture, which then allows it to be made into a spherical shape. It is aged for between 2 and 6 months, and the flavour changes as it matures. Lovely to eat alone, or grill and serve atop salads or potatoes, or work into your risotto.


Like to try these cheeses? They're available at our Milton Deli Cafe.


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