Gin Cured Salmon

  • POSTED ON 24 Feb 2019

Our take on a Swedish classic - it looks good & tastes great.

We've been enjoying it on a rye cracker with a dollop of horseradish crème fraîche – & washing it down with a gin, soda & lime (of course). You can find it in the deli along with pates, terrines, salamis, olives & a huge range of cheese. Come in & check it out. We're open 7 days.

Big Blue Cheese Sale

  • POSTED ON 23 Feb 2019

For our fellow cheese lovers we have 30% off Italian & French blues.

While stocks last, we have on sale Italian Gorgonzola Dolce (now $59.85/kg) & French d'Auvergne (now $64.40/kg). Both blues are mild, soft & buttery. Deliciously salty & savoury, we've got plans for a tasty little starter - baked fresh figs & blue, wrapped in proscuitto. What do you like to do with a wedge of blue? Come in for a sample - you can find them in the cheese fridge. We're open 7 days.

Mushroom Bruschetta

  • POSTED ON 21 Feb 2019

All day breakfast: wild mushroom bruschetta on rye with salted ricotta & porcini oil.

Confit Duck & Lentils

  • POSTED ON 20 Feb 2019

Grab an easy mid week dinner.

We've just cooked up a fresh batch of confit duck & lentils - & it's ready to go. Just one of the dishes in our ready meals range along with ravioli, risotto, chicken kiev, parmigiana, lasagna, meatballs, parmesan tarts, soups, sauces & more. The recipe for all of our meals is simple - fresh ingredients, small batch cooking, made by our chefs, no shortcuts. Taste the difference. You can find them in the deli fridge. We're open 7 days.

Persian Blue Salt

  • POSTED ON 19 Feb 2019

Persian blue is one the rarest salts in the world.

A natural salt 'gem' made millions of years ago, crystallising under intense pressure so that the grain refracts the light in a dreamy blue shade. Considered the cleanest & purest salt - it's very dry, mineral rich with a distinctive flavour - intense with a hint of sweetness. Ideal for seafood, salads, french cuisine & truffles (yes, it's truffle season soon). Due to its rapid solubility, finish dishes just before serving. You can find it on the deli shelves. We're open 7 days.

Mini Sweets Platter

  • POSTED ON 18 Feb 2019

The perfect hit of sweet any day of the week.

Our mini sweet box is a great way to cater for hungry crowds, small or large. All of our catering is made fresh daily, plus we deliver to you. Easy to order online, for more info on our range of catering options, including breaky & lunch boxes, check out the menu here.

Basketcase Rubs & Mixes

  • POSTED ON 17 Feb 2019

A great range to wake up your taste buds.

Coat, fry & drizzle with this amazing chicken mix & glaze - it's everything you love about fried chicken with a Korean kick. Whether it's slow cooking on barbie or flash frying on the stove, add an extra depth of flavour to chicken, beef or pork with the smoked coffee bbq rub. Pep up your tex-mex with the taco & fajita mix - a versatile blend of 11 herbs & spices for vegetables, chicken, seafood & meat. Made in small batches. All gluten free. You can find them on the deli shelves. We're open 7 days.

Petit Normand

  • POSTED ON 16 Feb 2019

Made in the home of authentic Camembert.

Where Normandy cows graze on rich pastures scattered with apple trees. Petit Normand has a beautiful white rind, mushroomy aroma, silky & oozy texture with an earthy & nutty flavour. Grab a baguette and enjoy with a light French Beaujolais, Chenin Blanc or Cider. You can find it in the cheese fridge. We're open 7 days.

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