Cheese Fridge

  • POSTED ON 07 Jan 2019

We love cheese!

Cheddar, brie, camembert, triple cream, parmesan, taleggio, chevre, pecorino, manchego, gouda, provolone, mozzarella, feta, ricotta, gorgonzola, gruyere, stilton, emmental, stilton, raclette, comte, brillat-savarin, reblochon & more. Whether you are looking for a late night nibble, putting together a cheese board or searching for that unique ingredient - come in & taste what we have to offer.

Saint Angel Truffle Goat Cheese

  • POSTED ON 18 Dec 2018

A goat's milk ripened cheese combined with the mushroomy goodness of black truffles from Perigord. 

Saint Angel Goat Cheese with Truffles is creamier than most goat's milk cheeses due to a special ultrafiltration technique unique to all Guilloteau fromage (think Fromager d'Affinois). Perfect for a festive cheese board, spread across a toasted baguette or folded through pasta. Best paired with Champagne or Reisling. Heaven! Come in for a sample. You can find it in the cheese fridge.

Rogue Creamery Caveman Blue

  • POSTED ON 10 Dec 2018

Rogue Creamery Caveman Blue from Oregon - aged 'in the domain of the cavemen'.

Full of character, this blue has a natural rind, is sweet and fruity, smooth and mellow with a buttery texture. Plus it's organic, gluten free and vegetarian. Pairs well with a slice of pear & glass of sparkling. Treat yourself for Christmas and come in for a sample - you can find it in the cheese fridge.

Euro Cheese Box

  • POSTED ON 05 Dec 2018

For us it wouldn't be Christmas without cheese. 

We are loving this European cheese box with Brillat Savarin, Castellano al Tartufo, Agour Petite Tomme Brebis de Goat & Gorgonzola Dolce along with accompaniments - Santa Teresa Quince Paste & Fine Cheese Co Toasts. Easy to order instore or online.

Aussie Cheese Box

  • POSTED ON 27 Nov 2018

You had me at 'cheese'. 

Say hello to our fabulous Aussie cheese box: Pyengana Farmhouse Truckle Cheddar, Trinity Cellars Triple Cream, Section 28 Mont Pricilla & Berry Creek Riverina Buffalo Blue along with On The Side Lavosh & Rolada Fig & Walnut Log. Easy to order in store or in our online shop here.

El Colmado Lara & Sara

  • POSTED ON 09 Aug 2016

El Colmado Lara & Sara is a fantastic artisan blue from Galicia, Spain.

The ivory paste has soft grey and green veining with a balanced sweet character – melting in the mouth with a lingering milky aftertaste. Softer than other blue cheeses, ideal spread on a piece of bread or eaten with fresh fruit.  Available in the Cheese fridge now.

Christmas food to order

  • POSTED ON 01 Aug 2016

Mouthwatering and delicious - that's our Christmas food to order. 

Take all the stress out of planning your feast, Tognini's has your Christmas table covered. Check out a small sample of our festive food on offer:  

  • organic, free range and gluten free berkshire hams
  • organic turkey - whole or breast - available cooked, raw or stuffed 
  • quail stuffed with lemon thyme, ricotta and wild mushrooms, wrapped in pancetta
  • chicken galantine stuffed with pork and chicken mince, figs and pistachios
  • suckling pork roast stuffed with italian herbs and chilli, raw or cooked
  • traditional boiled and cloth wrapped plum puddings
  • a choice of italian, spanish or aussie cheese boxes
This is just a small selection, check out the full range here.

La Tur

  • POSTED ON 21 Jun 2016

Buttery, tangy and nutty - everything a soft cheese should be and more.

A Piedmontese soft cheese, La Tur is made from a blend of sheep, cow and goat milk creating a unique full flavour. A thin delicate rind gives way to an extremely light and creamy centre. Enjoy at room temperature with crusty bread and glass of Asti or a Barbera, Dolcetto or Nebbiolo. Dessert will never be the same again! Available in the Cheese Fridge now.