Poach Pear Pates & Rillettes

  • POSTED ON 12 Mar 2019

A wonderful range of pates & rillettes by artisan food producers Poach Pear in WA.

An entertainer's godsend, they are made using traditional French methods with free range ingredients wherever possible. Flavours include chicken; duck & orange; chicken & peppercorn; pork; duck, chicken & porcini. They are always a delicious addition to platters, cheese plates & picnic boxes with toasts, crackers or fresh baguette. You can find them in the deli fridge. We're open 7 days.

La Tourangelle Nut & Seed Oil

  • POSTED ON 10 Mar 2019

Handmade flavoured oils made using traditional methods developed over 150 years ago in France.

Healthy & versatile, they add wonderful flavour to a large range of dishes whether drizzled on soups & salads or added to marinades & cakes. Choose from almond, walnut, hazelnut, avocado or pumpkin seed. You can find them on the deli shelves.

Pumpkin Gnocchi

  • POSTED ON 25 Feb 2019

A delicious vegetarian meal, try them with a classic sage butter sauce.

You can find them in the deli fridge along with potato, spinach & beetroot gnocchi.

Corn Tostadas

  • POSTED ON 25 Feb 2019

These delicate & crispy tortillas are delicious piled high with your favourite Mexican toppings.

Anything that goes in a taco can be used to top a tostada. Great for lunch & dinner - try fish, shredded chicken or beef, refried beans & crema. Or for breaky, ranchero style - top a tostada with bacon, black beans, avocado, cheddar & a fried egg. Yum! You can find them on the deli shelves. We're open 7 days.

Basketcase Rubs & Mixes

  • POSTED ON 17 Feb 2019

A great range to wake up your taste buds.

Coat, fry & drizzle with this amazing chicken mix & glaze - it's everything you love about fried chicken with a Korean kick. Whether it's slow cooking on barbie or flash frying on the stove, add an extra depth of flavour to chicken, beef or pork with the smoked coffee bbq rub. Pep up your tex-mex with the taco & fajita mix - a versatile blend of 11 herbs & spices for vegetables, chicken, seafood & meat. Made in small batches. All gluten free. You can find them on the deli shelves. We're open 7 days.

Bettenays Nougat

  • POSTED ON 10 Feb 2019

Sweet sticky nougat from Margaret River.

Tempt your sweet tooth with cranberry & pistachio, honey & almond, chocolate & hazelnut, pistachio or salted caramel. You can find them on the deli shelves. We're open 7 days.

Basketcase Sauces & Glazes

  • POSTED ON 09 Feb 2019

We've found the inspiration for your next culinary creations.

A delicious range of sauces & glazes, all gluten free, handmade in small batches with natural ingredients. The perfect short cut to great cooking, all of these sauces are super versatile whether you choose to drizzle, glaze, dress or marinate. We're thinking sticky balsamic fig over roasted vegetables, syrupy chilli caramel with crispy pork, golden fire dressing for a poke bowl & the very popular grilled glaze over anything! You can find them on the deli shelves. We're open 7 days.

Gourmet Finishing Sauces

  • POSTED ON 07 Feb 2019

Restaurant quality savoury & sweet gourmet sauces from Boutique Sauces.

Made with premium ingredients they're all natural with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives & gluten free as well. Choose from a delicious range to finish any meal - peppercorn & brandy, chipotle & pineapple, orange & star anise, vanilla & salted caramel & more. Slather over steak, drizzle over duck, spread on a burger & dollop over ice cream. Yum! You can find them on the deli shelves. We're open 7 days.

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