Sugar cured salmon, celeriac and fresh horseradish

  • POSTED ON 14 Nov 2016

This easy summer salad recipe has it all - soft, creamy and crunchy textures with sweet and tangy flavours.

Our sugar cured salmon salad makes a stunning centrepiece when served on a long timber board for a Christmas and New Year celebration. The essential ingredients are all available from Tognini’s Deli and for a one stop shop, source your fresh celeriac and horseradish from Milton Fruit Bowl next door.

Get the recipe here.

Fresh Beetroot Gnocchi

  • POSTED ON 21 Jun 2016

Delicious to eat and beautiful to look at - beetroot gnocchi.

Handmade by our chefs, these delicate pink pillows are an impressive dinner and easy to make - just grab a packet of beetroot gnocchi from our ready meals range and head to the kitchen. Once cooked you can toss the gnocchi in a creamy gorgonzola sauce and sprinkle with toasted walnuts and fried sage. Alternatively, you can check out our favourite recipe for beetroot gnocchi with crispy pancetta, broad beans and goats cheese here. Yum!

Truffle Gnocchi & Butternut Ravioli Ready Meals

  • POSTED ON 13 Feb 2016

If you enjoyed the fresh pasta from Il Locale Italian Restaurant, you are going to love our new Gnocchi and Ravioli to go in our Ready Meals range.  

The head chef from Il Locale has handmade authentic Italian restaurant style food for you to eat at home. The Truffle Gnocchi is rich, earthy and full of flavour - delicate potato gnocchi is wrapped around a filling of  ricotta, mushroom and truffle.  The Ravioli are a classic Italian combination of roasted butternut squash, ricotta and amaretti filling. Both are best served with a simple Burnt Sage Butter sauce - you can get the recipe here.

Sri Lankan Curry Powder

  • POSTED ON 15 Feb 2015

Bold, full of flavour and true to the name - fans of fiery food will adore our new Sri Lankan Curry blend. 

A fragrant spice mix of  coriander, cumin, fennel, cardamon, cloves, cinnamon and curry leaves - our traditional Sir Lankan Curry powder  is available  either roasted or unroasted. Roasted curry powder has stronger flavours and fragrances making it an ideal partner for meat curries using chicken, beef and lamb. Whereas the unroasted  (raw) curry powder is more delicate  and is best used in fish and vegetable  dishes.  Try our  green been coconut curry and a classic beef curry - both recipes combine these distinctive Sri Lankan spices with creamy coconut milk. Go on,  give your tastebuds a workout.

Dried French Forest Mushrooms

  • POSTED ON 17 Jun 2014

Our dried French forest mushrooms are a culinary blend of yellow bolete, oyster, cloud ear and shitake. Handy to keep in your pantry - delicious with pasta and risotto, a small amount of these earthy delights will add enormous flavour to your dish. 

  • Try adding roughly chopped mushrooms to a beef jus reduction* and serve with grilled eye fillet and buckwheat polenta*. 
  • For a light lunch, fry with swiss brown mushrooms and a knob of butter,  serve piled on lightly toasted ciabatta. 
  • For a twist on a classic mushroom risotto add the unique nutty flavour of porcini oil.  You can check out the recipe here for  creamy Forest Mushroom Risotto with Porcini Oil.

Preparation is easy - add the dried mushrooms to a generous amount of hot water, keeping them submerged. Soak until soft and plump, drain and gently squeeze out any excess liquid. Now you are ready to use the mushrooms in your dish. Tip: Use the strained mushroom soaking liquid to add extra flavour punch to your cooking.

*Available on the shelves at Tognini's Trattoria Spring Hill and Tognini's CafeDeli Milton

Forest Mushroom Risotto with Porcini Oil

  • POSTED ON 17 Jun 2014

Easily made from pantry ingredients, a simple risotto makes a hearty lunch or dinner. Our twist on the classic creamy Italian mushroom risotto is finished with the nutty taste of porcini oil. You can get the recipe here.

Pumpkin & ricotta ravioli with butter, pumpkin, sage and pine nuts

  • POSTED ON 13 Mar 2014

Have you enjoyed our pumpkin and ricotta ravioli at il locale? Now you can have a restaurant quality meal at home with our handmade pumpkin + ricotta ravioli from Tognini's Ready Meal range . Just click here for this delicious recipe and have a restaurant meal in minutes!

> Recipe: Pumpkin + ricotta ravioli with butter, pumpkin, sage and pine nuts

Panettone in store for Christmas

  • POSTED ON 04 Dec 2013

Elegant boxes of festive Panettone have just arrived in time for Christmas. This traditional Italian Christmas dessert bread, is fragrant, rich and buttery and filled with sultanas, raisins and candied orange peel. Looking for something special? We have gift wrapped Forno Primavera Panettone filled with tangy limoncello cream or luscious gianduia chocolate cream. Adorable mini Motta Panettone are also in store - these are a ideal as a gift.

For a recipe, try our luscious summer dessert of toasted Panettone and baked peaches with lemon mascarpone.