Salami, Proscuitto + Jamon

Come in store and see our wide range of salamis, sausages, and cold cuts. Berkshire Ham, Iberico Jamon and San Danielle Prosciutto just to drop a few names. In addition to these bad boys we have fresh ham off the bone, pork and house cured salmon. Why not be the star at your next barbeque and pick up a selection of chipolatas or Italian sausages for everyone to enjoy.

Tempt your tastebuds

Flavour combinations

    'What is the difference between Jamon and Prosciutto?' – a popular question. While both are a cured meat from the leg of the pig, the biggest difference is the country of origin. Jamon from Spain and Proscuitto from Italy – also a matter of the pig variety. But, all you really need to know is to wrap that beautiful prosciutto or jamon around a fresh fig stuffed with a piece of blue cheese , grill and enjoy!

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