Cold Keepsakes

  • POSTED ON 21 Aug 2013

It pays to keep the freezer filled, particularly when dinner is drawing close and you haven't a clue what to serve, or what you can actually serve with what's on hand. Here are 5 of our favourites products to keep in the freezer, that transform easily into a great and delicious meal.

1. Chorizo = tortilla

These freeze really well, and when defrosted and  combined with eggs, cheese and potatoes (chances are you've got them on hand already!) a beautiful Spanish style omlette awaits. A little alioli on the side never goes astray. We like this recipe c/o Gourmet Traveller

2.  Crepes = crepes.

An easy transformation, and you can get a little creative come filling time... Either cook defrosted or frozen crepes in an oiled pan, and add your toppings, be it a fried egg with a little ham, or perhaps salmon and goats cheese?

3.  Tortellini = Tortellini en brodo

So so simple and incredibly delicious, it translates to tortellini in broth, and is one beautiful soup, particularly when feeling a little lacklustre. Heat up a saucepan of good stock, and then cook the tortellini within. Ladle into bowls, and great parmesan atop.

4.  Ravioli = burnt butter sauce

Could butter get any better? Yes, that's when it's cooked just before it turns brown. Add chopped up nuts, raisins or fresh herb leaves, before tossing through freshly cooked ravioli. 

5.  Pastry = quiche lorraine

Careme are the best pre-made pastry products on the market! They save so much time and keep in the freezer incredibly well, so provided you've eggs, cream and bacon on hand, a quiche lorraine is but 30ish minutes away.

All of these products are available from our Milton store, and you can pick up some from Spring Hill. If you've got something you love to keep on hand in the fridge or freezer, that transforms into something delicious, we'd love to hear. 

Pantry Staples

  • POSTED ON 14 Aug 2013

If you've a well stocked pantry, fridge and freezer, the first step to pulling together a fast and fresh meal is complete. We're looking at products we love, starting this week with pantry staples -  items we always have on hand that form the basis of our mid week dishes, or add a little something extra to really elevate and enhance. 

1. Maldon Sea Salt

We're never without a box of these beautiful sea salt flakes. They're from the UK and contain no artificial additives, so just a tiny bit packs a punch. A real seasoning saviour on all your dishes. Once you've started using it, you will not go back. 

2. Dukkah

Perhaps not a classic choice, but dukkah can be used in so many ways, apart from dipping bread into olive oil and then dukkah, which admittedly is delicious. Sprinkle over soups or salads, not just for taste but texture. We love on boiled eggs! 

3. Passata

So many uses and the basis of any good tomato focused dish. Makes for a quick and simple pasta sauce, just by sweating off onions, garlic and chilli in  olive oil, before adding the passata and cooking for around 5 minutes. 

4. Mustard 

Particulalry when it's dijon! Yes, you can serve with meats, but is also key to the easiest salad dressing- just shake together 1 teaspoons worth with 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Instant salad lifter! 

5. Olive Oil

This is really a given, but good olive oil is king and to not have any on hand would be a shame! Gives meals an instant lift, just with a drizzle atop. 

6. Tuna 

Really good tinned tuna is amazing. Combine with mayonnaise and chopped up red onion for a great tuna mix, serve either as a dip or spread into sandwiches. Otherwise, toss together with freshly chopped tomatoes, olive oil and just cooked pasta. 

7. Paprika 

Such a stalwart when it comes to spices. This Spanish one holds a smokey, slightly sweet flavour, and is incredible when sprinkled over chicken before grilling, or scrambled eggs. 

8. Onion Marmalade

It's no secret we love Philipa's products, but this is a truly exceptional condiment. Pass along with your steaks or roast beef. Include a tablespoon in a frittata, or use atop pastry shells come canapé time. 

9. Pasta

Again, this is another given, and if you take a peak at our previous post, you'll see how quickly it can be transformed. And even if you think you've got nothing on hand, you can always find butter and cheese to make cacio e pepe. 

10. Balsamic Vinegar 

How could we not include? Yes, you can drizzle over tomatoes, dress salads etc, but adding a little bit at the end of cooking a dish, heightens the flavours. 

All of these featured products are available from Milton our Milton location, and most from Spring Hill. Next week we're looking at what to keep in the freezer! 

Quinoa the Super Food

  • POSTED ON 08 Jul 2013
This super-food is not only ridiculously healthy but also very delicious and versatile. You can now pick up red and black quinoa in very handy resalable 300g bags. Try our recipe for Quinoa Salad here.

Tognini’s To Go Range Winter Favorites

  • POSTED ON 08 Jul 2013
With the cooler weather upon us it is a great time for warm delicious food. Our Tognini’s To Go Range is a collection of prepared meals that you just need to heat and serve. We understand that people do not always have time for slow braising or roasting so our clever chefs at Spring Hill have done the work for you. All the Tognini’s To Go Range is made locally at our Spring Hill Trattoria using only fresh season produce.  Here are our top picks to keep you warm: 

• Indian Lamb Curry
• Osso Buco with Polenta, pictured
• German Curried Sausages
• Pumpkin Soup
• Champ - Delicious mash potato with leek and shallots. 

FYI: We are very excited to announce our home made stocks available in chicken, fish and beef are now available in an easy pour bag!

Blanxart Covered Almonds

  • POSTED ON 25 Jun 2013
Hailing all the way from Spain the Blanxart range of almonds is mouthwatering. Available in Raspberry, White, Milk and Dark Chocolate. Pick up a box today from Milton or Spring Hill.

Butlers Chocolates

  • POSTED ON 25 Jun 2013
Butlers are the purveyors of happiness. Once you taste the Butlers range of sweets you will understand why. Each pack is beautiful boxed and the range includes creamy toffees, chocolate caramels, vanilla and chocolate fudges. Yum!

Whisk and Pin Range

  • POSTED ON 10 Mar 2013

Whisk & Pin is based in the World Heritage Blue Mountains of NSW, creating gourmet cookies, pancake mixes & conserves. 

The Whisk & Pin message is simple - fresh, fine, nutritious and delicious. Included in the range is a take home pack café style cookie - available in muesli or chocolate mud. We also love the blueberry pancake mix- delicious!

Barber's 1833 English Vintage Cheddar

  • POSTED ON 10 Mar 2013

Barber's 1833 English Vintage Cheddar, is our cheese of the month. There is only one word to describe this cheddar - 'Yum'. It is packed full of real cheddar flavour... it's crumbly but not too crumbly and has a rich finish on the palate. 

The Barbers' have been making cheese on their farm in Somerset, UK for six generations. Their cheese is made using traditional starter cultures, rich milk from their cows, and always matured for at least 24 months. Even better, it is great on the back pocket, on special this month for only $3.50 per 100gr normally priced at $5.60 per 100gr. Grab yourself a chunk of cheddar!