Mt Magnificent Gouda

  • POSTED ON 23 Apr 2019

Mt Magnificent Gouda from the Fleurieu Peninsula in SA.

Made by third generation cheese makers - this is an award winning full cream Jersey milk Gouda, tasting very buttery, delicate & creamy with a savoury flavour. Come in for a sample, you can find it in the cheese fridge. We're open 7 days.

Mauri Taleggio

  • POSTED ON 28 Mar 2019

Taleggio – a semi soft, washed rind Italian cheese with a thin orange crust, strong aroma & rich mellow flavour that's creamy, fruity & tangy.

Enjoy as a table cheese with a slice of crusty bread & a glass of fruity red like Pinot Nero or Merlot. It's mild flavour also enhances any dish where you would normally use cheese – mixed into polenta, risotto & pasta or added to a sauce for steak. For a vegetarian option, try melted over vegetables - think charred broccoli or baked potatoes. You can find Taleggio in the cheese fridge.

Bleu des Basques

  • POSTED ON 23 Mar 2019

An artisan sheeps milk Basque Blue made high in the mountains between France & Spain in the Pyrénées.

An award winning 'modern' cheese first made in 2001 & a cousin to Ossau Iraty. Basque Blue is semi-firm & slightly crumbly with blue cheese aromas, tasting creamy with pockets of salty blue. Serve with a sweet wine like Sauternes or Muscat to cut through the richness. Come in for a sample. You can find it in the cheese fridge.

Vigneron & Charleston Brie

  • POSTED ON 06 Mar 2019

Great things come in small packages with this award winning cheese from Adelaide.

Vigneron - young goats milk cheese, washed in white wine & aged wrapped in vine leaves. Very earthy & oozy, enjoy with a Chardonnay. Charleston Brie - a true artisan cheese made from jersey cow milk, its unique flavour is attributed to the multiple white moulds used on its surface. Mushroomy, soft & creamy, pairs well with a Sparkling wine. You can find them in the cheese fridge. We're open 7 days.

Lamb Chopper

  • POSTED ON 27 Feb 2019

A sure crowd pleaser in an aged sheep milk cheese.

Lamb Chopper has a soft, smooth texture & mild flavour that is sweet & buttery with nutty undertones. A great addition to a cheese platter, you can also try shaved over a melon, mint & proscuitto salad or melted over sauteed mushrooms & polenta. Enjoy with Sauvignon Blanc, Unoaked Chardonnay, Brown Ale or IPA. Come in for a sample. You can find it in the cheese fridge. We're open 7 days.

Big Blue Cheese Sale

  • POSTED ON 23 Feb 2019

For our fellow cheese lovers we have 30% off Italian & French blues.

While stocks last, we have on sale Italian Gorgonzola Dolce (now $59.85/kg) & French d'Auvergne (now $64.40/kg). Both blues are mild, soft & buttery. Deliciously salty & savoury, we've got plans for a tasty little starter - baked fresh figs & blue, wrapped in proscuitto. What do you like to do with a wedge of blue? Come in for a sample - you can find them in the cheese fridge. We're open 7 days.

Petit Normand

  • POSTED ON 16 Feb 2019

Made in the home of authentic Camembert.

Where Normandy cows graze on rich pastures scattered with apple trees. Petit Normand has a beautiful white rind, mushroomy aroma, silky & oozy texture with an earthy & nutty flavour. Grab a baguette and enjoy with a light French Beaujolais, Chenin Blanc or Cider. You can find it in the cheese fridge. We're open 7 days.

Queso Anejo Al Romero

  • POSTED ON 15 Feb 2019

Think Manchego with a bit more.

Queso Anejo Al Romero - similar to Manchego, this Spanish sheeps milk cheese has been hand rubbed with a coating of crushed rosemary for an intense flavour. During ageing, the savoury flavours of the herb adds just a little of their amazing aroma to the cheese. Come in for a sample. We're open 7 days.