Easter Treats

  • POSTED ON 31 Mar 2014

What would easter be without chocolate! Dark chocolate chickens, praline eggs and gingerbread bunnies are just some of the downright delicious easter treats in store.

  • Phillippa's gingerbread bunnies with lemon icing.
  • Kennedy & Wilson dark, milk or white chocolate easter chickens and fish.
  • Kennedy & Wilson dark chocolate easter eggs wrapped in tissue paper.
  • Gut Springenheide chocolate praline polka dot eggs.
Available on the shelves at Tognini's Trattoria Spring Hill and Tognini's CafeDeli Milton

Valrhona Mini Easter Eggs

  • POSTED ON 12 Mar 2014
Delicious mini Valrhona Easter Eggs have arrived in store. At last a quality chocolate Easter egg for the chocolate connoisseur. These small foil wrapped eggs are filled with a smooth rich ganache available in milk and dark. The caramel filled are a personal favourite of Narelle's. A perfect little Easter gift .
  • Guanaja - dark chocolate coating filled with Grand Cru Guanaja 70% ganache.
  • Tanariva - milk chocolate coating filled with Grand Cru Tanariva 33% ganache.
  • Caramel - milk chocolate coating filled with a milk chocolate and caramel ganache.
  • Sugar Coated - multicolour sugar coating filled with nougat and chocolate . 
Available at Tognini's Trattoria Spring Hill and Tognini's CafeDeli Milton

Italian 'Easter Dove' Cake by G.Cova

  • POSTED ON 10 Mar 2013
Italian's love their sweets, especially for breakfast! In saying so, it would not surprise anyone that they have created the perfect Easter cake. This year we have brought to you a traditional Milanese cake that has been around since 1930. These cakes are called Colomba Di Pasqua, which translates to 'Easter Dove', made by G.Cova, famous for their panettone. Relax and enjoy with a glass of bubbles while the kids are on the Easter hunt!

Boozy Easter Buns

  • POSTED ON 10 Mar 2013

Nothing says Easter like a warm hot-cross bun smeared with your favourite spread or butter. This Easter we are spicing up our hot-cross buns with Narelle's boozy dried fruit mix that was such a hit in our fruit mince pies. Easter comes only once, you won't want to miss out on these little treats. These buns are hand made especially by our baker for Tognini's customers. Pop in to our Milton CaféDeli or Spring Hill Trattoria the Saturdays leading up to Easter to taste these hand made buns and place your order. Orders will be ready to collect on Thursday 28th March 2013.