Salmon cakes, hollandaise & poached egg

  • POSTED ON 12 Apr 2019

Salmon potato cake with smoked salmon, salmon pearls, watercress, hollandaise, creme fraiche, fried capers & poached egg.

Gnocchi, mushrooms & sage burnt butter

  • POSTED ON 11 Apr 2019

Pan fried gnocchi, sage burnt butter, porcini mushrooms & shaved pecorino pepato.

Vegan Buddha Bowl

  • POSTED ON 29 Mar 2019

All day menu: Vegan buddha bowl.

broad beans, kale, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, pickled peppers & red cabbage, pumpkin hummus, avocado & cashew hollandaise.

Chipotle Sausages & Stuffed Polenta

  • POSTED ON 28 Mar 2019

Breaky special: Stracciatella stuffed polenta, mini chipotle sausages, wilted kale, corn salsa & poached egg.

Confit duck & quince brioche toastie

  • POSTED ON 08 Mar 2019

Pulled confit duck & quince relish brioche toastie with bitter leaf, pear & walnut salad.

Smashed Pea Bruschetta

  • POSTED ON 07 Mar 2019

Smashed pea bruschetta with prosciutto, stracciatella, basil, mint & watercress.

Mushroom Bruschetta

  • POSTED ON 21 Feb 2019

All day breakfast: wild mushroom bruschetta on rye with salted ricotta & porcini oil.

Valentine's Day

  • POSTED ON 13 Feb 2019

Breaky special: vanilla bean waffle, poached apricots, honeycomb ice cream & salted caramel sauce.