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Cheese Fridge

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Spring Cheese Box


Jacquin Buchette aux Fleurs 100g (France, Goat's Milk): 
A fresh goats chevré coated in dried flowers. Creamy & herbal with citrus flavours.

Affiné au Champagne Rosé 180g (France, Cow's Milk): 
Washed rind cheese aged in Rosé Champagne with a creamy centre, delicate flavour & gorgeous pink rind.

Bay of Fires Clothbound Extra Mature Cheddar 150g (Australia, Cow's Milk): 
Handcrafted with milk from cows fed only on grass, a buttery yellow colour, crumbly texture and sharp flavour.

*Subject to stock availability. If it's necessary to
substitute an item, Tognini's guarantees that such
substitution will be of equal value and quality.

$80.00 each

Hard Cheese


Cheddar Cheese


Soft Cheese


Blue Cheese


Fresh Cheese




Sweet Pastes


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"I received my order this afternoon and I’m thrilled with it. We had one of the meals tonight and it was delicious, tasty, filling and well priced. I’d like to congratulate… Togninis for your initiative, providing quality meals for people who may not be able to cook or cannot get to supermarkets for provisions. Well done, I’ll be back for more meals." – Chris

"I had some of the tiramisu tonight. Oh My God… there are no words to describe how delicious it was. Definitely a reorder. Keep up the great work, I may never cook again." – Chris

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**Please be aware that we make every effort to eliminate the risk of cross contamination however our kitchen uses ingredients that contain most common food allergens and there may be traces in your meal. They include but are not limited to dairy, eggs, gluten, nuts and other allergens.