Moroccan Chef Gift Hamper


Middle Eastern cuisine is fast becoming one of the world’s favourite cuisines and this hamper is a good start for your pantry.

  • La Molisana Cous Cous 500g (Italy)
    A generous mound of steamed couscous is essential to these Moroccan recipes. Versatile, easy to prepare, easily absorbing the flavours paired with it.
  • Cortas Moghrabieh 1kg (Lebanon)
    The Lebanese equivalent of couscous. The large pearl-shaped balls have a chewy texture that works well in a variety of dishes.
  • Malouf's Spice Mezze Preserved Lemons with Honey 300g (Australia)
    They add punch to any dish with heavy citrus flavour and floral notes from the oils in the peel. Try adding preserved lemon to couscous and tagines.
  • Capriccio Chick Peas 400g (Italy)
    Widely used in Middle Eastern cooking from dips, salads, soups and stews or as a quick snack.
  • Josh & Sue Rose Harissa 180g (Australia)
    A key ingredient to Middle Eastern cooking. Fiery and fragrant, add to stews, soups and couscous.
  • Cortas Pomegranate Molasses 410g (Lebanon)
    Thick and rich, pomegranate molasses is often used in Middle Eastern desserts, and to add some sweetness to savory dishes, too.

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*We make every effort to eliminate the risk of cross contamination however our kitchen uses ingredients that contain most common food allergens and there may be traces in your meal. They include but are not limited to dairy, eggs, gluten, nuts and other allergens.